Phalaenopsis regnieriana (Rchb.f 1887)
Régnier's Phalaenopsis
Distribution :Thaïland

Doritis regnieriana (Holtht.1965)

Phalaenopsis esmeralda var. regnieriana (J.J.Smith 1919)

       Terrestrial plant forming  clump.
      Many, rigid roots laid out in regular crowns around the stem.
      Leaves oblong, elliptic, acute, concave. Long 15 cm., broad 3 cm.
      Flower stalk erect of 50/60 cm.
      Sepal dorsal elliptic, elliptic-obovate at cuneate base, obtuse or rounded. Lateral sepals decurent, sub-triangular, ovate, obtuse, slightly shorter than the dorsal sepal, but broader. Petals similar to dorsal sepal.
      Lip 3-lobed. Lateral lobes slightly directed towards the front, lanceolate. Midlobe tri-lobulate, Lateral lobules small, sub-orbicular, obtuse, rounded. Median lobule oblong-ovate, obtuse, rounded. Callus bifide.
      Right, vigorous column.
      Pedicellate ovary of 1,6 cm long.

     Very close to Phalaenopsis pulcherrima, the difference is made at the level of the very small lobules for Phalaenopsis regnieriana and more especially by its callus clearly bifide.
      Absent of the cultures, this species is considered known only in sample of herbarium. In fact, the plant known under the name of Doritis pulcherrima var Supaporn presents a callus bifide and would be Phalaenopsis regnieriana.

     Named in the honor of the French orchideist Regnier of Fontenay sous bois.
     Some additional words from Rolf in the Orchid Review N°152 august 1905.