Phalaenopsis braceana (Christ 1986)


Brace's Phalaenopsis


Distribution : Bhoutan, China (Yunnan)

          Doritis Braceana ( J.D.Hook 1890)

          Kingidium naviculare ( Tsi 1984)

          Kingidium Braceanum ( Seidenf. 1988)

          Biermannia naviculare ( Tang & Wang 1997)


     Epiphytic plant, miniature, roots fleshy, numerous, forming an important mass.

     Few leaves, one to two, deciduous, rarely present, oblong elliptic, almost acute 2.5 cm length on 0.8 cm wide.

      Inflorescence erect or sub-erect, ramified. Bracts lanceolate, acuminate, concave from 0.3 to 0.5 cm length.
       From 4 to 6 variable flowers color with the sepals and petals almost similar, elliptic, obtuse. The petals are lightly sub-spatulates.

       3-lobed lip with a spur. Lateral lobes oblong, obtuse. Midlobe oblong-oblanceolate, obuse, convex, with more or less compressed apex. Cylindrical spur, right, in continuity with the base of the midlobe.
       Two callus are followed. Posterior is fleshy, bifid, at tips recurved. It is located behind the spur. The former callus is hurled, bifid, in front of the spur.
       Column stout, cylindrical, right, 0.4 cm length.
       Pedicellate ovary 1.5 cm length.

Illustrations of Kingidium braceanum Seidenfaden (Opera Botanica 1988)
      This Phalaenopsis grow in altitude, normally between 1100 and 1700 meters, but it was announced up to 2100 meters. This species was a long time known only by one drawing of Brace. This one was sometimes interpreted like a stylized interpretation of Phalaenopsis taenialis. With this latter, they are the only species of the Aphyllae section provided with a spur. Very variable flowers color. The sepals and of the petals vary from yellow to green and from green to bronzes with pink suffusions.
      Constant pink Lip.
Average temperature relative humidity and pluviometry, evolution in Yunnan, 1600 meter of altitude area of Tengchong